Vancouver Greek Summerfest Win

Vancouver Greek Summerfest

A week and a half ago I returned from almost two months in Greece. It’s wonderful to come home, but I always feel like I leave a part of me (the Greek part) overseas. However, that’s why it’s great to live in a culturally diverse city like Vancouver. You can always find places and events that help you reconnect with your roots. I was delighted, therefore, to win a $25 gift certificate to the Vancouver Greek Summerfest.

Vancouver Greek Summerfest Serves Up Deliciousness

Vancouver Greek Summerfest

Greece is famous for its ancient ruins, glorious beaches, and its fantastic food. For more than 30 years, volunteers from  St. Nicholas & Dimitrios Church have been making everything from the famous roast lamb dinner to loukoumades, irresistible Greek donuts in honey and sesame seeds. I enjoyed everything I ate, and it was an added bonus that this year they had drinks like Loux iced tea that I can normally only get in Greece.

A George Michael Impersonator, Greek Folk Dances, and More

Vancouver Greek Summerfest folk dancing
Greek Folk Dancing

Another way I connect to my heritage is through enjoying the kind of dance and music the Vancouver Greek Summerfest presents. It’s interesting to see the various performances and note how the dance and music changes, depending on the region in Greece they originate from. On a lighter note, I was sorry to miss the George Michael impersonator. Fun acts like this, as well as acts from other cultures, are always great.

St. Nicholas & St. Dimitrios: A Place of Serenity

Vancouver Greek Summerfest Orthodox Church
Greek Orthodox Church

Before I leave the Vancouver Greek Summerfest, I always stop in at St. Nicholas & St. Dimitrios. The Greek Orthodox church is a quiet place amidst all the excitement of the festival. The iconography and chandeliers in Greek Orthodox churches are traditionally elaborate. Thus, you need to sit and take it all in. Fortunately, the church has explanatory notes that give you a better understanding of what you’re seeing.

So, you have until July 14th to experience all this for yourself! Swing by and hear some great music, dance, eat, and live a day the Greek way!

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