Vancouver Greek Summerfest Win

A week and a half ago I returned from almost two months in Greece. It’s wonderful to come home, but I always feel like I leave a part of me (the Greek part) overseas. However, that’s why it’s great to live in a culturally diverse city like Vancouver. You can always find places and events… Continue reading Vancouver Greek Summerfest Win

Vancouver Maritime Museum’s Winning Exhibit

The Lost Fleet Exhibit I recently won tickets to the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s The Lost Fleet exhibit. The exhibit focused on the treatment of Japanese immigrants and those of Japanese descent in Vancouver during the Second World War. It’s main emphasis was on “the confiscation of nearly 1,200 Japanese-Canadian owned fishing boats by Canadian officials… Continue reading Vancouver Maritime Museum’s Winning Exhibit

Sewing Class Teaches Me More Than Stitching

A Winning Journey On June 17th, I won some pretty fabric in a draw at a sewing class. While this is a great prize, like so many of the things I’ve won, it’s often the journey to winning them which is interesting. The prize itself would not merit a blog post. Thus, I pose this… Continue reading Sewing Class Teaches Me More Than Stitching

The Wellness Show Win

Well, everyone, I’m back! It’s been a long hiatus, but I’ve finally won another contest. A couple of weeks ago, I entered an in-store draw at Nesters Market and won tickets to The Wellness Show. So, last Saturday, I toddled off to the Vancouver Convention Centre to experience the event for the first time. Samples,… Continue reading The Wellness Show Win

A Salute to Creativity and the Makie

Prize #2

My Makie Heritage Makies, aka artists, crafters, and creative types, are amazing people. My mother is a potter and creates everything from bird baths to buttons to dinner sets out of clay. My grandmother painted, and I wake up daily to her artwork on my walls. Sewing, cartooning, and graphic design are what fuel my own… Continue reading A Salute to Creativity and the Makie

10 Contests that Changed History

Sadly, I haven’t had a lot of success winning contests lately. That reality has started to sink in and I’m feeling a bit depressed. I’d settle for a free cup of tea or maybe a good book. I’m not asking for a trip to Hawaii, a car, or lots of cash. Just something that I… Continue reading 10 Contests that Changed History

2015 Ends With Two Wins!

Charcuterie Plate

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 was a great one for all of you, and that 2016 will bring you much joy and happiness. Personally, I’m sad to see 2015 go. I had one of my best years ever—a new job, great graphic design classes, a wonderful trip overseas, and some fantastic new friendships. With… Continue reading 2015 Ends With Two Wins!

The Adventures of a Shutterbug

The photo that made the finals

The Dawn of Digital I’ve always loved taking photos. I took one course in high school and one in college, and enjoyed snapping away. However, I despised developing in claustrophobia-inducing darkrooms. Fortunately, digital has put an end to all that. I’ve also received an injection of new motivation recently. I was fortunate enough to get… Continue reading The Adventures of a Shutterbug

The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window

Film Noir Fascinates In luscious black-and-white, the screen flickers. It takes us back to a world filled with crimes, intrigues, and elegant men and women with dark pasts. Film Noir. I’m a die hard fan and have been for years. Thus, I was delighted to win tickets to the screening of my choice during The Cinematheque‘s… Continue reading The Woman in the Window