Discovering doTerra and Essential Oils

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Recently, I won a jasmine touch roller and rollerball clutch from doTerra. For some of you, that sentence makes very little sense. However, when you enter the world of essential oils you learn a new vocabulary, as well as a new way to improve your life.

Starting with a Love of Scent

I started buying essential oils years ago for the same reason many other people do; they want their home to smell nice. Yet, as I’ve experimented with different oil combinations, I’ve realized that scent is much more powerful than I initially thought.

It really does affect how I feel. Citrus essential oils (e.g. lemon, grapefruit, orange, etc.) tend to put me in a happier mood, as well as increase my level of alertness. Other scents, like lavender, help me to feel calmer and more relaxed. These feelings aren’t unique to me, as these oils are known to have these effects when inhaled.

Relieving Back Pain and Migraines

Now, before I begin discussing how I’ve derived health benefits from essential oils, I need to establish that I do not ingest them. Some people do and find that they feel a lot better as a result. Others argue that this is an unwise practice. I can’t comment either way, so I’m simply going to focus on what I’ve experienced aromatically and topically.

doTerra makes a product called Deep Blue rub. It provides a warming sensation when massaged into the skin. I’ve found it gives me tremendous relief when I’m dealing with my chronic back pain. And yes, I’ve tried remedies my doctor and physiotherapist have recommended. However, they were either ineffective or caused skin irritation. Deep Blue, on the other hand, really works and doesn’t have the usual medicinal smell of conventional creams.

I have migraines several times a month. Sometimes, they go away after a few hours, and other times they can last more than a day. To temporarily deal with the pain, I often apply peppermint and lemongrass oil to my temples and back of the neck. They don’t make a migraine disappear, but they can help me get through a bad hour or so until I’m able to take my medication. And sometimes, getting through that hour is really important.

Learning to Just breathe

My final chronic health problem is sinus- and indoor allergy-related. For this, Breathe, another doTerra product has been very helpful. The product is available in various formulations, including a vapor stick, roll-on, and essential oil blend. The vapor stick is similar to Vicks VapoRub. I find both products equally effective when I’m very congested or have a cold. However, I reach for Breathe because it simply doesn’t smell so medicinal. Diffusing the essential oil blend definitely helped me to sleep better and breathe easier, and I ultimately prefer it to the roll-on.

Finding the Fun in Essential Oils

The biggest surprise for me on my essential oils journey has been how much fun I’ve had experimenting with these products. I love discovering new oil combinations that I can diffuse or make into rollerballs. When you join doTerra, you get access to a very active, supportive online community of people. They share diffuser blend and rollerball recipes and online resources that convey important information. For example, which oils are safe to diffuse around pets, which ones shouldn’t be applied before going out in the sun, etc.

So, I’m excited to try my jasmine touch, and continue learning about essential oils. It’s awesome to discover something new that brings you joy, calm, pain relief, and a sense of fun. For me, that’s truly a unique combo.

By TheMidnightScribbler

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