How Lucky Can Anybody Be?

The Genesis At a dark, corner table in the Waldorf Hotel two friends (yours truly is one of them) launched a year-long competition: enter as many free contests as possible and see who wins the most. The winner had to treat the loser to a free dinner at the Waldorf. I was the one who ended… Continue reading How Lucky Can Anybody Be?

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Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden turns 35

Note: This post was featured on a site that no longer exists. I have included it here for archival purposes. At 578 Carrall Street, you’ll find a way out of Vancouver’s 21st-century urban jungle. Walk through the doorway and escape into a classical Chinese garden—a place of leak windows, Taihu rocks, blooming peonies, and jade-coloured… Continue reading Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden turns 35

Vancouver Greek Summerfest Win

A week and a half ago I returned from almost two months in Greece. It’s wonderful to come home, but I always feel like I leave a part of me (the Greek part) overseas. However, that’s why it’s great to live in a culturally diverse city like Vancouver. You can always find places and events… Continue reading Vancouver Greek Summerfest Win

Discovering doTerra and Essential Oils

Recently, I won a jasmine touch roller and rollerball clutch from doTerra. For some of you, that sentence makes very little sense. However, when you enter the world of essential oils you learn a new vocabulary, as well as a new way to improve your life. Starting with a Love of Scent I started buying… Continue reading Discovering doTerra and Essential Oils

East Van Panto Localizes The Wizard of Oz

“There’s no place like PoCo. There’s no place like PoCo.” Yes, in The Wizard of Oz, as presented by the East Van Panto, Dorothy lives in a tiny house in Port Coquitlam, not Kansas. She isn’t carried away by an act of God, but instead by a certain burst pipeline. And the wizard, well, you’ll… Continue reading East Van Panto Localizes The Wizard of Oz

Refresh Market Contest Win

Another day, another craft fair win! Yes, as you may remember I recently won two tickets to Circle Craft Market and had a fabulous time. My latest win took me out to Squamish and the Refresh Market. Many thanks to Miss604 for offering the First Dibs Access contest. The prize included the following for myself and… Continue reading Refresh Market Contest Win

Circle Craft Market Win Inspires

It’s no secret to any of my loyal readers that I love craft fairs. And the start of the Christmas craft fair season, always begins with the Circle Craft Market. So, I was very happy to win two tickets to this event where more than 300 artisans were selling their work. What I’m going to… Continue reading Circle Craft Market Win Inspires

Vancouver Maritime Museum’s Winning Exhibit

The Lost Fleet Exhibit I recently won tickets to the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s The Lost Fleet exhibit. The exhibit focused on the treatment of Japanese immigrants and those of Japanese descent in Vancouver during the Second World War. It’s main emphasis was on “the confiscation of nearly 1,200 Japanese-Canadian owned fishing boats by Canadian officials… Continue reading Vancouver Maritime Museum’s Winning Exhibit

Sewing Class Teaches Me More Than Stitching

A Winning Journey On June 17th, I won some pretty fabric in a draw at a sewing class. While this is a great prize, like so many of the things I’ve won, it’s often the journey to winning them which is interesting. The prize itself would not merit a blog post. Thus, I pose this… Continue reading Sewing Class Teaches Me More Than Stitching

The Wellness Show Win

Well, everyone, I’m back! It’s been a long hiatus, but I’ve finally won another contest. A couple of weeks ago, I entered an in-store draw at Nesters Market and won tickets to The Wellness Show. So, last Saturday, I toddled off to the Vancouver Convention Centre to experience the event for the first time. Samples,… Continue reading The Wellness Show Win

Flor de Caña Rum Party Prize

Flor de Caña: The Taste of Summer I was fortunate enough to win entry for myself and three friends to the Hot Nica Nights Fire and Ice celebration. We arrived at the North Vancouver Shipyards and made our way to the outdoor venue. We could smell the burning tiki torches and hear the music long before… Continue reading Flor de Caña Rum Party Prize