Winning My Way onto The Ghost Train

Ghost Train in Stanley Park

A Change of Scene

It’s amazing how transformative darkness can be. A familiar place suddenly becomes mysterious. Add some colourful lights, spooky figures, and a mariachi band and you’re celebrating the Day of the Dead on a cool October night in Stanley Park.

Thanks to the Westender, my friends and I got to have just such an experience on Tuesday, October 11th. We were given the VIP treatment, complete with free VIP access to the Ghost Train, a free trip to the Spooky Barn, and warm cups of hot chocolate.

The Ghost Train

If you’re after jump-out-of-your-seat scares, the Ghost Train in Stanley Park is not for you. It states clearly on their website that this is a family-friendly activity. However, on the 14-minute ride I did have a good time. You travel by a series of scenes, and performers act out the part of everything from cockroaches to Day of the Dead puppets.

Day of the Dead Puppets at the Stanley Park Ghost Train
Day of the Dead Puppets

Music helps to set the mood, which is at times eerie, but mostly rather pleasant. Sitting on a cute train watching the scenes as I go by with my friends really is a rather wonderful way to spend a Tuesday night.

The Spooky Barn

After the train ride, we checked out a few other things, including the Haunted Maze, exhibits by the Stanley Park Ecological Society, and the pumpkin patch, but what I enjoyed most was the Spooky Barn.

The Spooky Barn at the Stanley Park Ghost Train
The Spooky Barn

Inside, there’s a series of peep holes. Take a look through and you’ll see art that depicts the Seven Stages of Man from William Shakespeare’s play, As You Like It.

Skeleton Art
Peek-a-Boo Art

I absolutely loved it.


The artwork also seemed inspired by Edward Gorey, which fans of PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery! will be sure to recognize. The Barn also has a dance floor for those inclined to get down to the mariachi music.

Looking back on this Tuesday night, I can’t help but smile. It made me happy with its lighthearted injection of spookiness, and took me out of the house and into the night with my friends. Always a great place to be.

Winnings Update

I received four VIP passes to the Stanley Park Ghost Train and Spooky Barn. These were worth $71.60. We also received free hot chocolate, so I feel good about valuing this prize at $75. This is only my second win of 2016, but it’s not my last! The very next day

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