Circle Craft Market Win Inspires

Circle Craft Market

Circle Craft Market

It’s no secret to any of my loyal readers that I love craft fairs. And the start of the Christmas craft fair season, always begins with the Circle Craft Market. So, I was very happy to win two tickets to this event where more than 300 artisans were selling their work. What I’m going to focus on in this post is the crafters that impressed me most with their creations, and show off some of the lovely things I bought from them.

Jackie Lee is Out of this World

Circle Craft Market Space Stuff

If all things outer space fascinate you, and you enjoy Art Deco, then Jackie Lee’s work will wow you. Her illustrations, stickers, and pins were unlike anything else at the market. This cycling astronaut pin and moon sticker are what we just had to take home.

Cheerful Tea Towels for Rainy Days

Circle Craft Market Tea Towels

My best friend has recently moved to Seattle. Like Vancouver, it’s a rainy place. Therefore, I thought that these bright and cheery tea towels might be an excellent item to add to her Christmas basket. Rain Goose Textiles is a North Vancouver-based company that has just a lovely selection of linen products with beautiful designs. Also, I was very tempted by their Bodum covers and tea cozies.

Felted Hedgehogs: My Mom’s Kryptonite

Circle Craft Market Felted Hedgehog

My mom cannot resist a hedgehog. Over the years, I have bought her hedgehog mugs, dryer balls, cards, and I recently made her a hedgehog Christmas ornament. And, Yuki, who runs Honey Canada, taught me how to make it. If you visit her website, or attend one of her classes at Bird on a Wire, you’ll understand just how adorable a piece of felt can become. At the Circle Craft Market, I couldn’t pass up this new hedgehog decoration she just designed. Mom is going to love it.

The Best Deal at the Circle Craft Market

Circle Craft Market spoons

Again, as some of you know, I am a bargain hunter. I love a deal on something fabulous. So, when I saw these spoons for only five dollars each, I had to have them. Swirly Spoons is also a local Vancouver company and has lots more affordable utensils on their site.

Let’s Talk Food

Vendors at the Circle Craft Market are very generous with their food samples. You get to try everything from chocolate to Indian curry. There were so many delectable creations I would love to have bought, but this is what I came away with:

*So, that’s it! The market was a lot of fun, and all the local artisans have really inspired me to keep sewing, felting, and cooking. If you’re interested in reading about one of my past craft fair wins, click here.

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