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The Midnight Scribbler’s Approach

I believe that all great writing paints a picture in the reader’s mind. Yet, for evocative vocabulary to ignite and inspire, it must do so within well-structured copy. It is this kind of content that will keep the reader’s eyes glued to the page.

Editing is a meticulous undertaking that many writers dread, but I really enjoy. My detail-oriented approach helps to ensure that your copy is clean and clear every time.


The Midnight Scribbler’s Story

I’ve always loved writing. That’s why I majored in English at university, completed a journalism certificate, and became an English teacher. Early in my teaching career, I also began working as a freelance writer. In 2010, I decided to pursue writing full-time. I started creating and editing textbooks for a post-secondary institution, and was the senior editor for a digital marketing courseware publisher. Today, I am a publications coordinator for a market research company and I continue to accept freelance writing and editing work, as well.

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